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Our Story
Aren't we cute?

Once upon a time...

  • Katie: On a cold November evening in 2005, I met a man who's laugh made me smile. But that was it. I wasn't looking for emotional entanglement. I was simply out with some new friends, looking for something to do, still trying to settle into Kansas life. I'd only been living in Manhattan, KS for 5 months at that point. Jerri, a girl I worked with at Commerce Bank, invited me to a karaoke bar. She and her boyfriend Allen seemed nice, so a night at Mel's, a smoky, dingy, local place, seemed like an adventurous way to get out of my comfort zone.
  • David: I was living in Wamego at the time, but happened to be in Manhattan that night visiting my brother and sister in law. I got a call from Allen telling me to come to Mel's mid-evening. Katie and DavidWe had both worked for the company that ran karaoke at Mel's, and had both been responsible for karaoke there at one point or another, and it wasn't uncommon to find us both there even if we weren't working. It was a fun crowd, so his call didn't seem out of the ordinary. I came to Manhattan to spend time with my brother though, so I said I might come down later. About 20 minutes later he calls again and tells me I need to come to down there. I asked if there was a good crowd, and he told me I just needed come down there and have a beer. Again, I told him I was visiting my brother and that I might be down later. From that point on, he proceeded to call me about every 20 minutes, for the next 2 hours until I finally decide that I've hung out with my brother enough and decide to go see why he's called 10 times in the past 3 hours. I walk in to find Allen and Jerri sitting in a booth with an unknown shy girl wearing a jean jacket. I instantly say to myself "Oh, that's why, they are trying to play matchmaker." I don't think we paid much attention to each other at first.
  • Katie: Dave and I were casually introduced. I had the feeling Allen and Jerri were setting us up, but I ignored it. Dave sang "Sugar, We're Goin Down" in a strange rocker-type voice, and I realized my churchy choir voice was not conditioned for the karaoke microphone! The four of us stayed until closing time, and then went back to Allen and Jerri's apartment to crash. Dave and I talked for awhile, asked the basic questions, like our general pasts, where we work, how many siblings we have, etc, but also discussed life issues and complicated subjects. At the time, I was still in denial. He wasn't what I had in mind for a boyfriend, but he was super nice.
  • David: Katie and DavidI wasn't even trying to impress her but she seemed to be enamored with my rendition of "Sugar, We're Goin Down" by Fall Out Boy (number 8 on our playlist to the left) I later found out. Though I'm sure she pondered the lyric "Am I more than you bargained for yet?" eventually. She was very shy at first, but seemed to warm up as the night progressed, and eventually she gave me a big smile, that lit up the room and warmed my heart. As we talked later that night, I was amazed by her drive, ambition, and philosophical outlook.
  • Katie: Soon, Jerri was calling me proposing a bowling double date. Rolling my eyes, I kindly accepted. Dave showed up at my house to pick me up, looking punk and polite, but just as "let's get this over with" as I was. But it was fun. He wasn't a good bowler, so he was rolling it backwards, trying a side-arm, and just being goofy. He is still goofy. Anyway, I told the group we should all go to the Thai restaurant in town, but Dave was the only one who was up for it. He's always up for new and crazy things. Later that week the two of us had our real first date. But it wasn't a date, of course, he was just the only person who would go with me. A lovely evening of discussion and great food turned into the beginning of a long line of dinner dates and nightly phone conversations.
  • David: I loved that she was willing to go eat food with me that most the people I know wouldn't touch. She seemed to always be up for a new adventure and I love that about her. She's right, I suck at bowling, but it's a game, it's supposed to be fun, and I have my own way of making things fun. Katie and DavidAfter bowling we talked most of the night, I remember dancing in the wee hours of the morning, while she sang "I'm Sensitive" by Jewel to me. A few days later she was showcasing her guitar playing skills to me. Sweet, fun, smart, musical....what's not to love? Oh yeah the vegetarian thing:) When we first met, she was a vegetarian. She ordered pizzas without meat, cooked for me with no meat, and when we went out for dinner she didn't order meat. That was a little strange, but I accepted it. One day I decided to ask why she didn't eat meat. I'm not sure I ever got an answer, but a little later she started eating it again, so I'm sure the answer is in there somewhere.
  • Katie: Yes, the vegetarian thing was a phase. I like steak now:) I became intrigued by Dave's interest in me, his intelligence, his ability to stay positive when things get crappy, and his outgoing, loving nature. That's why I said yes. After 3 years of dating, including several rock concerts, 3 family reunions, a couple road trips, lots of laughter, countless nights hanging out with friends, some arguments, and priceless heart-skips-a-beat-while-we're-gazing-into-each-others'-eyes moments, he proposed. We were at my house in Manhattan, and before he left for the evening, I placed my hand over his heart and snuggled into his armpit. His heart was going crazy, but before I got too concerned, "Will you marry me?" came out with a cute cheeky smile. I was thrilled. He took FOREVER to find the perfect ring. But he did, and he gave it to me on one knee on the Wamego City Park bridge, snow falling and Christmas lights creating the perfect scene.
  • David: I remember the proposal a little differently. I thought for months how I would propose, thinking through different elaborate scenarios, but none of them seemed quite right. I wanted it to be personal and heart felt (obviously I took that a little too literal). So we were lounging around at the end of a fun day, and it just seemed like the perfect moment. I thought to myself, I should ask her to marry me right now. I got nervous (which is odd for me), and my heart started racing. So I grabbed her hand and put it on my heart and looked into her eyes. Her eyes got real big, and she jumped up and asked if I was ok. I thought she was going to call 911. I squeezed her hand tighter and said "Will you marry me?" She couldn't believe I was asking, but excitedly said yes and asked if it was real and could she call people and tell them (after she was already dialing numbers). I admit, I did not have the ring at the time. So I set off on a quest to find the perfect ring for Katie Jo.Katie's Ring I searched the ends of the earth (the internet) trying to locate the band that I had in mind for her. I talked to numerous jewelry stores, and even priced getting one custom made. After months of research though, I came across a band similar to what I was looking for in New York City. I talked to them about the changes I would want and Diamond options and had them ship it to me asap. The day I got it, Katie had come by to visit, and we were going to visit my mom. I took a detour through our city park, and she asked where we were going. I started to get out of the car and said "C'mon, I wanna show you something". On the bridge of the iced over pond with Christmas lights all around, I was standing behind her pointing and pretending to show her something across the pond. With my other hand I pulled the ring out of my pocket and wrapped both my arms around her front and showed her the ring. She got excited, and again her eyes got real big, although I think she thought it was fake at first, purely due to the amount of time it took me to get the perfect ring. She knew it wasn't fake when I got down on one knee and once again said "Will you marry me?"


...and they lived happily ever after